Quelques Artistes / Architectes qui m’inspirent pour la réalisation du projet.

Andi Zimmermann (« scifi » 2008, « Hong Kong » 2008, « Bars » 2010)


Rachel Whiteread (embankment 2005-2006)



Filip Dujardin (Photographe) « fiction »



David Herbert « Cristal Castle »


Björn Hegardt 








Fundaçào Serralves

Nedko Solakov 

I like like like like like this Exhibition of this Artist. I didn’t know his work before. This Exhibition is an « Artwork », Nedko Solakov draw and write little sentence near his painting and drawing like little joke or explication for the visitor. And I like ( because it’s really interresting) the « Sketchbook » ( with all research, draws, text..) of the Artist,they were all expose and we have read a lot of them.

Website (really fun):